Salvation Spirits is a purpose-driven, environmentally conscious distillery in Fredericksburg, Texas. We are dedicated to making products of unsurpassed quality, out of the finest ingredients, and sharing our success with those in need. We take inspiration from the archangel Michael, who is viewed as a healer and protector, to dedicate 10% of our net profit to charities serving the poor, the powerless, and the hungry.

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Salvation Spirits

Ultra-Premium Vodka

“Vodka is vodka.” That’s what we thought! That is, until our master distiller created The First Premium Vodka of Texas.™ How did he do it? Well that’s a trade secret we can’t share, but what we can tell you is this - premium ingredients, advanced technology, the removal of greed from the distillation process and the addition of love and attention gave birth to The First Premium Vodka of Texas. Salvation Spirits Vodka is clean and smooth with a silky finish. It’s the essential ingredient in your martini or elevated craft cocktail.


Premium Gin

This isn’t your grandpa’s gin! Fritztown gin would have its British ancestors singing the Star-Spangled Banner and Deep in the Heart of Texas. With traditional elements, Texas fruit and an unusual secret ingredient, Fritztown Gin entices the senses with hints of citrus, floral notes, and botanical sophistication.


Blackberry Gin

Fritztown Blackberry Gin is the only American blackberry gin - it’s one of a kind. Made with 100% natural, organically grown blackberries, Fritztown Blackberry Gin is fresh with a surprising balance between sweet and tart. Whether elevated into a bright, sophisticated martini or combined with your favorite tonic for a poolside treat, Fritztown Blackberry Gin is ready for every party.

Chi Rho

Premium Barrel-Aged Gin

Our barrel-aged line-up of products - has a special mission. We have dedicated 10% of the net proceeds from this brand to organizations combating human trafficking. Human trafficking generates $150 billion per year in illegal profits. It’s estimated that there are close to 30 million victims worldwide. Our financial commitment isn’t for a limited time - it’s for today, tomorrow or until this problem is eradicated.

Great atmosphere, excellent cocktails, and unmatched service. Trey and the rest of the staff were exceptional!

by Speakeasy patron,
Andrea W

Such a fun spot with good gin and vodka drinks. Live music added to the festive atmosphere. The owners are friendly and attentive.

Speakeasy patron,
Emilie White

First time visit. However, it will not be the last. Truly a great find. The drinks are absolutely and completely delicious. The owners have created an ambiance that is comfortable and inviting. The crafted cocktails are perfectly balanced. AMEN!.

Speakeasy patron,
Jerald Vascoe

Our Story



The popularity of the Salvation Spirits family of brands continues to grow so we are currently raising capital to begin construction on a 10,000sf distillery barn that will house our 500 liter Muller copper pot still custom made for us in Germany, a 10-barrel brewhouse as well as equipment for making wine, vermouth and other liqueurs.

We are also in the process of designing a 10,000sf entertainment venue that will include a new, hidden speakeasy open only to investors and club members, a German-Texan fusion farm-to-table restaurant, a German-style beer hall, a glass conservatory that will bring the natural beauty of the orchard indoors, and an outdoor stage for live music. Salvation Spirits will be a destination venue like no other!



Our 10,000sf distillery barn will house our 500 liter Muller copper pot still, a 10-barrel brewhouse, as well as equipment to make wine, vermouth and other liqueurs. It will also include a rickhouse to barrel age gin, single malt whiskey and brandy. We can’t wait for you to see it!



Salvation Spirits takes inspiration from the archangel Michael to dedicate 10%
of our net profits to charities serving the poor, the powerless, and the hungry.

As part of this mission, we have specifically dedicated 10% of the net profit
from our Chi Rho Barrel-Aged Gin to organizations combatting human trafficking.

In just under two years since opening, we have hosted numerous charitable events
benefiting organizations such as Hill Country Needs Council, Mercy Gate Ministries
and Atlas Humanitarian Rescue.

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Salvation Spirits

Salvation Spirits are being sold in the Texas Hill Country!

Right now you can find our products at Judy's Liquor, Chase's Place,
Hill & Vine, Sage, Hill Country Herb Garden & Blumbenthal Farms

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